The Weaver’s Daughter -The Paradox of the Digital Self

Welcome to my Blog This blog has been created to document reflective learning as a Candidate in Business Studies in Digital Marketing and Digital Media Management at Dundalk Institute of Technology. The term ‘infolite’ as a blog domain name was chosen to reflect the content of the blog, for which the word ‘infolite’, as a compound word noun representing both ‘information’ and ‘light’, refers to a ‘digital socialite’, that is, an online communicator that is sociable primarily by a strategy of sharing digital knowledge by digital means. Converting complex digital knowledge into user-friendly information makes for light reading for technological updates and traditional human-computer interaction debates. Thus infoliteblog is the domain name chosen to reflect the content of my blog.

The blog organises itself around a catalogue of subject relevant opinion on contemporary issues relevant to interdisciplinary news for social statistics, marketing, and digital marketing technologies. Themes, issues, and debates to be explored within these categories include: exploring the world of eBusiness, using blogging as a strategic communication tool, examining whether society has truly become a digital reality, and how the digital self accommodates to society transitioning through a digital revolution.

I myself am a Social Statistician, Survey Consultant, & Marketer. Having been born to a Weaver in the latter part of the last century, the comparison of industrialisation to digitalisation is a palpable one for my particular demographic and my journey of becoming accustomed to digital citizenship.

Social Media Image

My blog, for example, will explore psychological perspectives on alienation in a world of increasing interconnectedness for the individual and society in an increasingly digital age.  Personal anecdotes and learning perspectives on these issues will be explored week by week. To begin with let us take a look at the core concept of increasing isolation becoming paradoxically more profound in a world of increasing digital interconnectedness. The following Ted Talk led by Allison Graham is an excellent starting case in point.

Whether we are increasing our interconnectedness with others online at the expense of our deep seated human need for face-to-face social interaction, or increasing our effectiveness in business by quick turn-around online, at the expense of lifelong customer retention, it is becoming clear that the challenges of managing our digital or our corporate digital self are many and complex. Much like the industrial revolution of the 19th and 20th centuries, the labour and time saving costs of increased efficiency, can quickly translate to systematic socio-economic challenges to human and environmental health. Let us turn now to exploring these issues further in the next post examining the new world of e-business. Ok – looking forward to keeping you up to date. Hope you enjoy the posts and the discussion that follows.

Michelle B. Cowley, 10th November, 2015.


2 thoughts on “The Weaver’s Daughter -The Paradox of the Digital Self

    • Thank you Marie – how lovely! It’s a whole new world taking up this WordPress, Twitter, & YouTube interconnectivity as a digital skill. We’ll have great insights into this new world of digital media. Looking forward to following your Blog:)


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