Introduction to Psychology: Theory and Practice – Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Developmental Notes Series. Download now Available at the Social Science Research Network eLibrary, June 2017.

If you have a toddler and have ever wondered what goes on in their little mind as they go about their day to day lives, or how those little minds may grow into more advanced thinkers and do-ers, then this notebook will present you with a good starting point in your reading.  The notes present an introductory overview to the cognitive perspective on the psychology of human behaviour designed for social science students. Starting with an introduction to cognitive developmental theories of how babies reason, the overview then moves to discuss how children develop into better thinkers. Adult theories of cognition are subsequently outlined and critically evaluated.

A chronology of topics include: the rise of ‘this thing we call cognition’, Piaget’s theory of cognitive development and its evaluation, problem space theory, and theories of mental representation in adult thought examining, amongst other types of thinking and reasoning, deduction and induction and an evaluation of mental representation theories.


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You can click on the following link for the download:, and you can find the full reference for the download below:

Cowley, M. (2017). Introduction to Psychology: Theory and Practice – Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Developmental Notes for Social Science Students – Now available for download from the SSRN eLibrary, Philosophy of Mind eJournal, Vol. 10, Issue 11, June 27 2017. See also the Psychological Anthropology eJournal, Vol. 2, Issue 53, June 29, 2017.

*Interactive slides are available on SlideShare for educators requiring demonstration materials for  Piaget’s Theory of the Law of Conservation and Object Permanence Studies.

See also Cowley, M. (2017). The Cognitive Perspective – Introduction to Psychology: Theory and Practice (Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Developmental Notes).  SSRN eLibrary Human Cognition in Evolution and Development eJournal, vol. 9, Issue 22: July 26 2017.

Posted by Michelle B. Cowley PGDipStat BA DPhil, RSS Fellow, June 22nd 2017


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