Marketing Consultancy – Molyneaux Marketing: Micro-Business Roll-Out July 2017

Welcome to Molyneaux Marketing!

From 2012 – 2014 we piloted a marketing consultancy providing market research survey services to local commercial industries. This pilot work demonstrated the need for these services for small to medium businesses, as either a part-time locally funded scheme, not-for-profit, or as an occasional private consultancy basis. The pilot work showed that small to medium companies increasingly need to assess their strategic planning in terms of quality marketing content writing, consumer surveys, price indexing, and marketing intelligence in terms of data-driven report writing; work which is often too expensive to accommodate permanently in-house. Noteworthy was that marketing consultancy schemes with a B2B sales and marketing economic forecasting remit are beginning to prove essential to staying on message and surviving turbulent economic times.

Following much work completing a brand marketing study, much studying for courses in marketing and digital marketing, and work placement after work placement… in order to inform the implementation of this consultancy as a potential start-up, we are finally rolling out the consultancy as promised in time for July 2017. You can read further about this new consultancy – Molyneaux Marketing – below, or simply click on the image below to find out all this exciting new venture has to offer!

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Our Purpose: To Provide Exceptional Content Marketing Services

In a digital age the capacity to attract business through high quality instant marketing content, to gain intelligence information on qualified sales leads, and to convert these sales leads from prospects into repeated business from online opportunities is critical to SME survival. To ensure consistent revenue and brand awareness communications, SMEs are increasingly pressured to assess their strategic planning in terms of: their digital marketing plan, digital consumer surveys, price indexing relative to online business models, competitor analysis, and to gain marketing intelligence for data-driven decision making.

Marketing services, and especially content marketing services, are more often than not too expensive and time-consuming to accommodate permanently in-house, and so companies are beginning to draw on marketing professionals from without, in order to produce their content, assess their competitiveness, uncover insights about their product or service through surveying their clients/consumers, and to conduct the digital communications workload necessary to drive their business forward on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.


Our Service: To Provide Exceptional Content  & Analytics Marketing


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(Photo credit: Molyneaux Marketing – Click on the image to visit our website)

Just as when we piloted the initial survey consultancy and Pro Bono work at the Fitzwilliam Business Centre entrepreneurial office facilities, at Singleton House 2012-2014, the consultancy will retain a part-time remit with a focus on marketing content production. We have a capability to develop digital marketing content for all industries, whether it be everyday website build, website content maintenance, or social media marketing operations. We aim to work for profit and not for profit (i.e. Pro Bono) on a contractual basis with clients from project to project.

Some of the continuing and new services include:

Marketing Content for Digital Marketing:

  • Digital Marketing Website Start-Up for  SMEs – Including a Website Build with Training Tutorials for Four Weeks (with SEO Level 1)
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns on Social Media: Social Media Platform Set-Up, Content Creation, Design, & Scheduling
  • Digital Marketing Industry Blog Creation: Writing, Researching, & Digital Management of the Company Website’s Blog Page
  • Analytics Reporting: Dashboard and Report on Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Google Analytics, Twitter Analytics, LinkedIn Analytics, and Facebook Insights

Content Marketing & Analytics – Consumer Insight Reporting:

  • Consumer/Client Market Intelligence Survey and Interview Schedule Reports
  • Training other Professionals in Account Based Management, Campaign Planning, Print Management Execution, & Print Media Scheduling for Project Management Excellence —  One-Stop Workshops (4hrs)
  • Training other Professionals to Design, Conduct, & Analyse Marketing Surveys for SMEs within a Statistical Methodologies Framework —  One-Stop Workshops (4hrs)
  • Training other Professionals in Data-driven Market Intelligence Report Writing for Commercial In-house Purposes —  One-Stop Workshops (4hrs)

Publishing Support (including Tender Applications):

  • Copyediting for books, eBooks, manuscripts, and theses
  • Proof-reading for books, eBooks, journal articles, manuscripts, and theses
  • Editing, proof-reading, and reviewing commercial tenders
  • White-paper reviewing for the purpose of summarising to distribute through a business blog channel
  • Researching a subject for a business blog intended to be either a blog piece or webpage content (all subjects)
  • To write up news pieces for website news pages or newsletter content for eMarketing to eList purposes (all industries)


Contact us now to discuss your content marketing needs – We can provide a quick quote within 24hrs – E-mail us at MOLYNEAUXMARKETING@GMAIL.COM


Pricing may vary in overall price, but is based on an hourly rate of €25 for each (or per combination of each) service option.



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