See Our New Research Profile on Research Gate RG: Michelle B. Cowley PGDipStat BA DPhil – RSS Fellow

Research Gate RG is a research networking site where scientists and researchers share their research articles, papers, book chapters, funding proposals, and all else relevant to research endeavour.  Research Gate RG is now the largest and most active academic social network according to Nature and Times Higher Education, and provides a high-level interactive forum for knowledge and expertise exchange to researchers around the globe. With this new forum now taking academic precedence amongst its peers, such as the SSRN Social Science Research Network, it likewise became an essential component to our research apparatus, for which we have developed our Research Gate RG profile:

Research Gate

Check out our Research Gate Profile for publication highlights, SSRN journal articles, media material, data-sets, projects (ongoing and archived), funding proposals and more by clicking on the image below:

Research Gate 2


We look forward to engaging with you – see you there!


  1. Matthews, David (7 April 2016). “Do academic social networks share academics’ interests?”. Times Higher Education. Retrieved 2016-04-22. 
  2. “Online collaboration: Scientists and the social network”. Nature. 13 August 2014. Retrieved 2014-11-06. 


Posted by Michelle B. Cowley PGDipStat BA DPhil – RSS Fellow, July 27th 2017.


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