Michelle B. Cowley PGDipStat BA DPhil is a dedicated Social Statistician and Marketing Professional with ten years contract experience in academic, legal and business management sectors. She has held junior postdoctoral, visiting scholar, junior tutor, and executive administrative level positions in five QS Top 100 universities and FTSE 100 Index companies collectively including: Princeton University, the University of Oxford (Wolfson College), Trinity College Dublin, and Imperial Brands Plc. She has recently been Interim Account Manager, working on digital strategies with Enclave Technologies for cloud platforms, and with Construction Industry Federation for recruitment infographic campaigns at Emarkable – one of Ireland’s leading Digital Marketing companies. Presently, she is a marketing executive and data analyst with Windsor – Ireland’s foremost automotive dealership franchise. She is a Medal of Excellence Member of the City & Guilds Association, an Independent Legal Scholar Member of the Society of Legal Scholars and holds a non-stipendiary Royal Statistical Society Fellowship  (elected – statistical research route).


This page is her study-board blog on digital marketing, marketing intelligence, and social statistics trends. The information presents light, researched, and timely digital press releases aiding professionals to keep up to date with developments in these fields.  The posts relate to e-business, economics, and law reports that she has recently authored, or opinion on significant media relevant updates. (Photo Credit: Chamber of Commerce, 2015).

Contact information 2017-2018:
I am researching the theme of foresight and human behaviour, as a component of my Royal Statistical Society Fellowship for the next 18-24 months. You can find research paper updates on my ORCID, Research Gate, and SSRN researcher profile pages. Contact me through my Blog ‘InfoliteBlog‘, or my LinkedIn Profile for business or academic related items.


Professional Contribution & Field Authorship

Michelle is an expert on foresight cognition, statistical judgment, and public understanding of law. She facilitates adult education courses, research methods training, and is a Royal Statistical Society fellow member. She has been employed consistently in the world’s top 100 universities, won $360K in authored research funding, held external roles evaluating funding applications, and is an editorial board member of the Journal of Forensic Science & Criminal Investigation.

Her doctoral, academic, business and legal research papers have been cited in world class media, cited in peer-review academic journals and books, and published in international journals and conference proceedings.  Amongst others she has won a top tier humanities scholarship (IRCHSS Scholarship), an international socio-legal fellowship (Katzenbach Fellowship Fund), and international funding in adult legal psychology (ESRC Small Grant Scheme). She is a critical juncture high-end impacting author, conference speaker, and engager with the public through media and evaluative report writing. This research has led to 80+ public domain outputs, 150+ peer review or media citations, and acknowledgements.  Her Social Science Research Network SSRN Author Rank 2017 is in the 90th Percentile for total download metrics (of 345,000 social science academic authors worldwide).

Critical juncture citations of note: Nature News 2004, Cognitive Psychology Textbook 2015, Oxford Handbook of Causal Reasoning 2017, Sage Handbook of Applied Memory 2013, Meta Review of Top 200 ‘Psychology, Public Policy, & Law’ Findings 2004-2014.


The Business Year Ahead 2017-18

Michelle’s major goal right now is to develop a portfolio pertinent to marketing operations, strategy, and technique. She is completing a Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing with the Digital Marketing Institute and has recently completed: NFQ Certificates in Sales and Marketing for Small and Medium Business at City & Guilds, a Business NFQ Certificate in Digital Marketing & Media Management at DkIT, and the HubSpot Certification inbound marketing program in the US.  In that time she has completed internships in marketing with  Dorothy J. Walsh Solicitor & Associates, Anglo Printing Ltd, and Ruby Consulting. All the while she has continued to volunteer in community-led projects and local industry such as Indigo Gallery and Beauty Academy Ireland while publishing industry-led research  in marketing, public understanding of law, and social statistics. She has rolled out her part-time consultancy initiative in Summer 2017. You can contact her daily through her LinkedIn profile for the duration.

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