Entry to Profession as Social Statistician


Research Route – Elected Fellow Member of the Royal Statistical Society 2012

Qualifications & Certificates                                                       Exams 2002 – 2017

  1. NFQ L10 Research Doctorate in Statistical Psychology, DPhil, Trinity College Dublin, Awarded July 2006.
  2. NFQ L9 Post-Graduate Diploma in Statistics, DipStat Distinction, Trinity College Dublin, Awarded November 2004.
  3. NFQ L8 Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Psychology, BA First Class Honours, Trinity College Dublin, Awarded December 2002.
  4. Postgraduate PCAP Certificate 1 in Academic Practice, The Higher Education Academy, 30 M-Level Credits, Awarded November 2006.
  5. Certificate in Inbound Marketing, HubSpot Academy USA (85%), Awarded January 2016 (*renewed – 83% April 2017). Expiry date May 2019.
  6. *Certificate in eMarketing, HubSpot Academy USA (pending).
  7. NFQ L7 Digital Marketing & Digital Media Management (Distinction 75% GPA), Certificate in Business, Dundalk Institute of Technology, September 2015- 2016.
  8. Certificate in International Marketing Standards – Imperial Brands Plc – Legal Compliance & Ethics Centre 2016
  9. Certificate in Information Security, Imperial Brands Plc – Governance Training Centre 2016
  10. NFQ L5 Leaving Certificate Points System – 560 Points 1998/ 566 Points Post-2017 (including bonus math).
  11. NFQ L4  Marketing for Small & Medium Businesses, Certificate in Marketing, City & Guilds for Business, Awarded July 2015.
  12. NFQ L4  Award in Selling for Small & Medium Businesses, Certificate in Sales, City & Guilds for Business, Awarded July 2015. Medal for Excellence 2015.
  13. RoSPA – Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents Certificate 2016


CPD Continuous Professional Development                     Attendance 2006-2017

Evidence-based Practice 2007/2012-2016

  1. CFLPP Conference:  The Legacy of HLA Hart. Cambridge University– (attended).
  2. Changing the Research Landscape —The creation of the Ministry of Justice: Implications for empirical research in law and the justice system. Ministry of Justice UK-(attended).
  3. Burden of Proof one-day conference, Institute of Criminology, Cambridge University- (attending contributor).

Business & Legal 2012-2016

  1. KBW Chambers Bar Council CPD, Worcester College Oxford (attending contributor).
  2. Drogheda & District Chamber, NFQ Cert Placement Event, 2015 (attended).
  3. Marketing for Small & Medium Business, NFQ Cert 2014-2015 (attended).
  4. Sales for Small & Medium Business, NFQ Cert 2014-2015 (attended).
  5. Digital Marketing & Media Management NFQ Cert 2015-2016 (attended).
  6. *Diploma in Legal Studies (pending scheduling..).
  7. *PG Diploma in Marketing Studies QQI NFQ8 (Enrolled 2017/18).
  8. Google Breakfast Meetings (ongoing).

Journalism 2017

  1. Statistics for Journalists, Online Course, Royal Statistical Society (self-study attended).
  2. Science for Journalists, Online Course, Royal Statistical Society (self-study attended).

Grant Writing 2006/07

  1. The Cambridge Successful Grant Writing Workshops, University of Southampton (attended).