Research Funding


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Springboard+ (2017-2018). €4,500 (M. Cowley Marketing Postgraduate Training). Candidate in Marketing Postgraduate Certification QQI L9.

Springboard+ (2015-2016). €1,543 (M. Cowley Digital Marketing Certification Training). Candidate in Business Certification in Digital Marketing & Digital Media Management QQI L7.

Momentum (2014-2015). €11,000 (M. Cowley Business Certification Training). Candidate in Sales & Marketing Certification QQI L4.

CCKF Chiang Ching-kuo Taiwanese Foundation Nottingham University (2010-2013) €65, 000 (Y-Chin Chan Principal Investigator, M. Cowley Co-investigator). ‘The interplay between the law and media in defamation litigation in China: Norm, actor, and social construction (1992-2009)’.

SLSA Oxford University. Small Grant Scheme (2008-2009) £1,411 (M. Cowley Principal Investigator). ‘The sword and shield or misplaced faith: How people reason with DNA evidence’.

Law Faculty Oxford Small Grant Scheme (2007-2008) £1,000- Princeton University Fall 2008.

ESRC Oxford University. Small Grant Scheme (2008-2010) £85, 000 (.80% economic costing), (M. Cowley PInvestigator, D.J. Galligan Co-applicant). ‘The role of intent in legal contexts’.

Katzenbach Postdoctoral Fellowship Oxford University. (2007-2010) ~$100,000 worth funded by CSLS through benefactions from Americans for Oxford (Benefactor Paul Dodyk).

Social Science Southampton Small Grant Scheme (2006-2007) £1,000 (M. Cowley PI: ‘The role of prior convictions in probabilistic reasoning’.

IRCHSS Trinity College Dublin Government of Ireland Scholarship (2002-2005) ~€53,000 (M. Cowley   Principal Investigator Scholarship for postgraduate study). ‘The role of refuting evidence in hypothesis testing’.

Trinity Trust Postgraduate Travel Awards (2004 and 2005) €1,600 for international conference travel.


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Research Assistants Managed & Next Stage Outcomes

All the following research assistants are acknowledged on outputs corresponding to their completed research assistance on the following grants:

Laura Pennicott: Small Grant, University of Southampton (end date 06-2007).
Juliette Colyer: Scholar Visit, University of Southampton (end date 06-2007).
Avanti Perera: The SLSA Small Grant Scheme (end date 01-2009).
Paul Honey: The SLSA Small Grant Scheme (end date 01-2009).
Sonia Macleod: The ESRC Small Grant Scheme (end date 04-2010).
Yanbin Lu: The International Fund, CCKF (Line manager Dr. Yik Chan Chin, Nottingham/2012).

Next stage outcomes for 66% of the total number of research assistants include: ESRC Small Grant Scheme University Researchers, National and International Government Policy or Parliamentary Employees, & Successful M-Level Student Applications.