Marketing Consultancy Pilot

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Marketing Consultancy

From 2012 – 2014 we piloted a marketing consultancy providing market research survey services to local commercial industries. This pilot work demonstrated the need for these services for small to medium businesses, as either a part-time locally funded scheme, not-for-profit, or as an occasional private consultancy basis. How then could we construct an operational business plan to move past this government dependent/voluntary strategy to average over and above a take-home part-time salary year on year? The pilot work showed that small to medium companies increasingly need to assess their strategic planning in terms of consumer surveys, price indexing, and marketing intelligence in terms of data-driven report writing; work which is often too expensive to accommodate permanently in-house, and thus a marketing consultancy scheme with a B2B sales and marketing remit would suffice to meet their needs.


Presently we are constructing a brand marketing study in order to inform the implementation of this consultancy as a potential start-up. We are testing a proposal for funding based on a four- way service strategy: digital marketing SME start-up packages; print media campaign management planning & design seminars; survey marketing services; and data report literacy workshops for professionals.

A first set of clients for the start-up phase has been sourced in the civil engineering, legal services, digital marketing, and literary public relations sectors. We plan the consultancy to roll out summer 2017 should the pilot data be indicative of a viable start-up. Details will be posted soon.

(Image Credits – Examples of Pilot Study-Phase Clients 2012-2014)